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CM launches 25 Hybrid Buses for the residents of Borivali-Thane.

May 27, 2018

CM launches 25 Hybrid Buses for the residents of Borivali-Thane

CM launches 25 Hybrid Buses for the residents of Borivali-Thane, Launching transport facilities, especially that are environment-friendly, gives me immense pleasure and we will strive hard to introduce.

more such services which will encourage people to take public transport and avoid
private vehicles”, said Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra State, while
launching 25 hybrid buses today. “Today, Bandra-Kurla Complex is bustling with
commercial activities and brings in people who prefer comfort. These buses are airconditioned
and very comfortable with many facilities such as wi-fi, USB connection, FM
Radio etc. I am sure, these facilities will attract people who will be able to work from the
buses and would be encouraged to leave their cars home to help the environment”, said
Mr. Fadnavis further.

The Heavy Industries Minister Mr. Anant Geete readily sanctioned 80 more buses for
Mumbai. “Today’s is the zero-emission era and we will have to walk with industries
hand-in-hand to achieve that. We also have to achieve complete electric mobility to
make cities and states pollution free”, said Mr. Geete while thanking the Chief Minister
for accepting to cooperate with the objective of Heavy Industries ministry’s obligation to
make the city and state environment-friendly.

Commenting on this milestone, Mr. Girish Wagh, President, Commercial Vehicles
Business, Tata Motors said, “With sustainability at the heart of our innovation
programme, we have led technology changes in the Indian commercial vehicle industry
over the last six decades. The Tata Starbus Hybrid Electric is India’s First Series Hybrid
Electric Architecture Bus and is a testimony to our technological prowess and deep
understanding of our customer requirements. We are committed to developing low-emission
buses that make a substantial contribution towards sustainable urban transport.
We will continue our work on electrification and alternative fuel technologies and engage
with government and regulatory authorities to promote these smart technologies and
develop products further strengthening the future of Green Mobility in India.”
The environment-friendly buses, built by M/s. Tata Motors will run on four routes such
as Borivali Railway Station (East); Hiranandani, Thane; MP Chowk, Mulund and Jalvayu
Vihar, Kharghar towards Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra. While there will be five trips
every 15 minutes from Borivali starting at 7.30 a.m., there will be four trips each
starting at 7.30 a.m. from Thane, Mulund and Kharghar. The fare on these routes vary
from a minimum of Rs. 63/- to the maximum of Rs. 110/-.

The buses that reach Bandra-Kurla Complex in the morning will then ply locally to-andfrom
Bandra Railway Terminus, Kurla Station (West), Sion. The fare on these local
routes will vary between Rs. 16/- to Rs. 26/-.

In the evening the same buses will travel back to their destination routes to Borivali,
Thane, Mulund and Kharghar from 6.

While the shuttle service has started today, the Point-to-Point service from Borivali,
Thane, Mulund and Kharghar will start from Monday. The service can be availed
from Monday to Saturday.

For quick n’ easy clarity please find following information –

Borivali Rly. Stn. to
Route No.BKC-10
Rs. 94
7.30 am. 7.45 am.
8.00 am. 8.15 am.
8.30 am
BKC to Borivali Rly.
Route No. BKC-10
Rs. 94
6 pm. 6.15
pm. 6.30 6.45.
7 pm.
Hiranandani, Thane to
Route No. BKC11

Rs. 110
7.30 am. 7.45
am. 8.00 am.
8.15 am.
BKC to Hiranandani,
Route No. BKC11

Rs. 110
6 pm. 6.20 pm.
6.40 pm. 7 pm.

Jalvayu Vihar,
Kharghar to BKC
Route No. BKC-12
Rs. 110
7.30 am. 7.45 am.
8.00 am. 8.15 am.
BKC to Jalvayu Vihar,
Route No. BKC-12
Rs. 110
6 pm. 6.20 pm. 6.40
pm. 7 pm.
MP Chowk, Mulund to
Route No. BKC-13
Rs. 63
7.30 am. 7.45
am. 8.00 am.
8.15 am.
BKC to MP Chowk,
Route No. BKC-13
Rs. 63
6 pm. 6.20 pm.
6.40 pm. 7 pm.

Shuttle Service –
The Hybrid buses, during the day, will operate on the following routes from 9 am to 7
pm –

1. Route No. BKC-21 – Bandra Railway Terminus (East) to Diamond Bourse
2. Route No. BKC-22 – Kurla Station (West) to SEBI
3. Route No. BKC-23 – Bandra Railway Terminus to CA Institute
4. Route No. BKC-24 – Rani Laxmibai Chowk (Sion) to BKC via Dharavi
5. Route No. BKC-25 – Rani Laxmibai Chowk (Sion) to BKC via LBS Road, Kurla

The minimum fare for the shuttle service will be Rs. 16/- and maximum Rs. 26/-





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